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Madrider Mosaics Profile


I was born 1961 in Salford and my childhood days were in a small town called Clifton. Even in my younger days I loved art and crafts and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. LS LOWRY while he painted a picture of our primary school playground. He once told me " If you have a dream then follow the path of your dream".

Later In life, I Joined The Royal Air Force and trained as a Chef. I love cooking and being creative so I found a great way of achieving my dreams.

On leaving the Forces and working in various parts of the country I finally settled in Plymouth in 1983, then working as a Chef in The Holiday Inn.

Over the years I tried a few different employments mainly around cooking.

But also a few years learning Landscape Gardening. A total difference from Catering but still building things of Creative Art...

Later in life, though I had an accident that would change everything.

Over the years this has gradually disabled me from many parts of my dream and what I can and can not achieve. I was diagnosed with PTSD after seeing a terrible accident and soon after OCD and dyslexia (but that was something I had had for many years).

With all this happening and putting me in a very dark place and thinking at one point is it worth it carrying on, I found strength in a very unusual way of helping others Riding my motorbike on Charity rides around parts of The UK. To date that has been £101k. Becoming known as The Madrider1961.

But I realized also my life was missing my creative side and I wanted to find a way back and was prepared to try anything to achieve this.

A friend once showed me her pleasure & Hobby what she did when she needed to chill & that was making mosaics. They looked so creative & so I made one of a Spitfire.


A new chapter in my Life Began.

I tried the Mirrors & Plant pots and Jewelry boxes many do, But this was just not me. So I progressed to actual pictures and taking a lot of insight from visiting sights of Roman Mosaics.

I know make Mosaics of many different things From Motorbikes, Ships, Cars, Album covers, Military logos. I also make tables bringing in not just Mosaics but other Items that one would not normally put with Mosaics.

I brought my Biker Name together with My Mosaics and became Madrider Mosaics.

Arts University Plymouth 2021 to current

I'm now studying BA Hons in Creative Craft and Materials which means I'm learning how to do glass blowing, welding, ceramic work and woodwork (also involving carving). 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and my journey to who I am now.

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