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My Bachelor of Arts Journey

First year

In 2020 I joined Arts University Plymouth for an extended BA (Hons) Craft and Material Practices degree. I am excited I got through my Foundation year and here I am. 

My first year of my B/A was like a child getting a gold star...

​​I found myself not being afraid and I am coming to terms with the mental health conditions I have and that Art can help me with.​

We had a task as groups to build a structure or sculpture for Poole Farm which is a town farm on the outskirts of Plymouth that helps children of all ages understand the wildlife from Bees to Otters.

My group made a sign with a base board taken from a tree felled for a road improvement. Although four teams started only two finished mine being one of the two. We had so much fun working as a team and being so creative.

Stuart Morrissey first year BA.jpeg

The next part of year one was the day I remember they said we'd be doing a collaboration between different medias (craft /fine art, print and illustration). 

This would turn out to be one of the hardest modules of my whole BA.

A team of six very soon became a team of one. The sad thing it was down to the others not caring, but my BA and I carried on. 

I carved my hands out of oak, which took ages even the part i messed up and started again. I had hoped the others would return.


Anyway, time went on and my wooden hands transformed into a fruit bowl. I even made fruit from wood & clay (the real thing is better though).

Two days before the hand in exhibition in the Student union, the other members of my team returned.

I been brought up to forgive so we finished as a team. I guess it was then that further down the line I'd be focusing on expressing mental health by using art as a platform.

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